Saturday, April 22, 2017

Monsters Inc: George Sanderson Tsum Tsum (Disney Store Japan Exclusive)

Monsters Inc George Sanderson Tsum Tsum japan

"2319! We have a 2319!!"

Last July, the Disney Store US released the Monsters Inc. mini Tsum Tsum collection (set of eight) in stores and online. If you missed my full post on them, be sure to check it out HERE! I think that set is still my favorite Tsum assortment of all time...and it just got that much better.

The Disney Store Japan also got the the Monsters Inc. Tsum Tsums last year, but with one exclusive character never released in the US: George Sanderson. Yup, the classic "2319" monster that gets shaved after coming out of the human world with a sock on him! I finally went ahead and ordered him from Japan (through an international seller on eBay) after I ultimately lost hope that we would ever get him domestically. I'm so glad I went for it! My Monsters Inc. stack was looking very incomplete without him.

Monsters Inc George Sanderson Tsum Tsum japan

This little Tsum is the standard mini size of 3" and has all the cute details you've come to expect. The best part is obviously the little sock attached to his back! Just perfection.

Monsters Inc George Sanderson Tsum Tsum japan

If you want to complete your Monsters Inc. set by ordering this one through eBay, there are plenty of listings up often typically ranging from $10-17 (though of course it'll have to come all the way from Japan, so expect it to take its time).

A big thanks to my wife Brita who included him in my Easter Basket last week! Look how cute she arranged it all :D

Monsters Inc George Sanderson Tsum Tsum japan

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