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Finding Dory: Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4

At long last!! After months and months of constant searching, I finally found the Finding Dory SERIES 4 "blind bag" figures from Badai! It's about time. These have been showing up in parts of the US since January (and I've been on the hunt since then), but they have only now hit my area. I was able to find them at my local Toys R Us just a couple days ago and I totally lost my mind.

If you haven't seen the previous three series in this collection, be sure to check out my series 1, series 2 and series 3 posts. There are SO many amazing characters to collect! If you don't see your favorite character here in this series, it's definitely in one of those.

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4

Speaking of characters, this series has some really unique and fun ones. The eight included this time around are: Bailey, Shuck, Gary, Little Dory, Tile Hank, Bill, Carol and Kathy.

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4

Just like with the first three series, these are technically classified as "blind bags"—however each bag actually has a little window on the back so you can see who you're buying. I love that! I like that it gives you options; you can either live on the edge by not looking to see who you're getting (like a traditional blind bag) or you can cheat (like me) to make sure you get them all.

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4

I personally like the best of both worlds. I like to make sure I have them all there at the store (I hate getting repeats), but then I open each of them without looking once I get home (so there's still a little element of surprise).

Let's have a closer look at each figure!

Little Dory
I absolutely love this "Little Dory" sculpt. It's just about perfect! I'm so happy she made the cut for this collection.

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4 little dory

I was thrilled to see Bailey included in this series as well. Finally! For one of the main characters in the film, it certainly took long enough. By the way, what a great design they ended up with. He's exactly how I pictured he'd look in this style.

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4 bailey

If you don't remember, Bill was one of the little crabs in the Open Ocean Exhibit who tells Dory that the blue tangs were taken out of the tank to be transferred to Cleveland (he was the one clipping the grass). Fun Fact: He's voiced by Pixar lucky charm John Ratzenberger (Hamm, P.T. Flea, Yeti, Mack, etc.) who has voiced a character in every single Pixar film to date.

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4 bill

Carol was in the same scene as Bill above. She was the little crab (who seemed to be Bill's wife) who tells Dory that she could get back to quarantine by swimming through the pipes. Does anyone know who does her voice in the film? I presume it's a Pixarian...

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4 carol

You wouldn't guess it by looking at this cute figure, but "Gary" here is actually the scary giant squid that chases Nemo, Dory and Marlin through the sunken ship yard. I'm so surprised they made this into a figure! I actually had hoped this one would be made, but never thought it would. And is it not hilarious that they named him Gary?

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4 gary squid

Here's another one I hoped would be made, but thought it was just wishful thinking. It's Shuck (which was never said in the film), the loud mouth clam that Nemo and Marlin interact with while searching for Dory! "Ohhhhh Shelly!!" Here's another fun fact: this clam was voiced by the director of the film, Andrew Stanton.

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4 shuck clam

Such a cool figure. This might be my favorite of this group. Look at that cool barnacle type texturing on the shell! I can't believe they actually made this one.

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4 shuck clam

Tile Hank
This is the fifth version of Hank in this collection, following: Regular Hank, Black Hank, Coral Hank (blue) and Plant Hank (green). This one is based on Hank's first scene in the film when he camouflages with the tile wall in the quarantine office. This is such a cool one! Love the white, semi translucent plastic and the tile/checkered pattern on his front.

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4 tile hank

Last but not least, we have Kathy! She's the buck toothed fish in Mr. Ray's class who says (in Finding Nemo) "Oh my gosh! Nemo's swimming out to sea!" In Finding Dory, she can briefly be seen in Mr. Ray's class once again and asks Dory about her family. She's another awesome addition!

Finding Dory Collectible Figure "Blind Bags" Series 4 kathy

Overall, I absolutely love these sculpts and the stylized design of each figure. I also love how this series is primarily made up of really obscure side characters who you only see briefly in the film. Way to go Bandai! Like usual, they're made of a hard plastic, are about two inches in size and do not have any articulation. Retail price is $2.99 (which varies slightly depending on where you purchase them).

Wishing you the best of luck out there if you're looking to track these down! Be sure to check out my video unbagging below and stay tuned for my upcoming review of Series 5 right here (sneak peek in my video).

UPDATE 3/29/18: Series 5 finally added! Full post HERE.

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