Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cars 3: Cruz Ramirez Light-Up Straw (California Adventure)

pixar cars land cruz ramirez light-up straw

Over the past few weeks, I've been documenting and reviewing a bunch of the current Pixar Fest Disneyland/California Adventure exclusive food and beverage merchandise (sent to me by my good friend Paulina, who graciously picked up a bunch of stuff for me since I couldn't be there). If you missed my previous posts, be sure to check out my thoughts on the Luxo lamp straw and the Ratatouille straw, as well as the Toy Story inspired alien straw, light-up tumbler and Woody's boot cup. Which one is YOUR favorite?! Tonight I'm sharing the last of what I was sent. 

This one was a little bonus item that Paulina included in her package to me (which was a fun surprise); this Cars 3 Dinoco Cruz Ramirez light-up novelty straw! Now I'm not actually sure if this was released as a Pixar Fest item or if it had been there beforehand, but nonetheless I can confirm that this can be purchased at DCA at Flo's V8 Cafe within Cars Land. Retail is $5.99.

pixar cars land cruz ramirez light-up straw

Cruz is a very minimal design and is made from a white/clear semi-translucent plastic with her Dinoco decals boldly visible (no paper stickers). She can be removed from the straw and seems to be the exact size of a Mattel 1:55 scale diecast (about 3" in length; straw is 12" long). Press the button on her underside to activate the light-up feature! Like usual with these kind of Disney novelty items, there are three light patterns. Keep pressing to cycle through each one and to turn off.

And lastly, it was super thoughtful of her to send along a couple of the Pixar Fest Disneyland/California Adventure park maps and a merchandise bag! I LOVE all the artwork and it's just really cool to have these—it definitely helps me feel like I was able to attend the celebration there, even though I've been stuck at home on the east coast.

pixar fest 2018 park maps
pixar fest 2018 park bag

Check out my brief video below to see Cruz's light-up feature in action. If you're interested in grabbing one of these online for your collection, you can visit THIS LINK (which will bring you to the only current eBay listing).

Let me know YOUR thoughts down in the comments! If you have any other info regarding this item, let me know.

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