Friday, May 11, 2018

Ratatouille: "Wooden Spoon" w/ Remy Novelty Straw (Disneyland Pixar Fest 2018 Exclusive)

disneyland pixar fest ratatouille spoon straw

Bonjour! Ready for another Pixar Fest 2018 novelty straw review? Well here it is—one of my absolute faves. Check out this Ratatouille inspired "wooden spoon" straw, featuring everyone's favorite little chef, Remy! This can be found currently at the Cafe Orleans restaurant in Disneyland for $5.99 while supplies lasts.

As far as the other Pixar Fest food/beverage items I've reviewed so far, be sure to check out the Luxo lamp straw, as well as the Toy Story alien straw, light-up tumbler and Woody's boot cup, if you missed those posts. Which one is YOUR favorite?! 

disneyland pixar fest ratatouille spoon straw

Not only is this straw available there at Cafe Orleans, but also a full Ratatouille themed "three course prix fixe" you can enjoy there as well! $40 per person. Here's the breakdown of what the meal includes:
  • Starter: Specialty Cheese Flight (three cheeses with dried fruit and honeycomb)
  • Entrée: Shrimp Ratatouille Byaldi 
  • Dessert: Berry-filled beignets served a la mode 
Classy right?
disneyland pixar fest ratatouille spoon straw

Whoever designed this straw was super clever. I love it! It's so cute overall (the whole spoon idea is great) and Remy looks awesome as well. There's a lot of merch out there of him that doesn't look quite right (and sometimes he's too blue OR too gray), but this one is spot on. The straw is 9 1/2" long, with Remy himself at about 3" in size (not removable). Everything here, of course, is sturdy plastic.

If you're a fan of Ratatouille as I am, you just might want to pick this up if you're heading to Pixar Fest anytime soon. You can also just grab it on eBay HERE using this diect link to current listings (looks like it's being sold for around $15 on there).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Another big thanks to my friend and fellow Disney fanatic Paulina who sent this on over to me. :)

disneyland pixar fest ratatouille spoon straw
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