Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Luxo Jr. Novelty Straw (Disneyland Pixar Fest 2018 Exclusive)

pixar fest disney luxo jr straw

Hello everyone! Tonight I'll be taking a quick look at yet another fun Disneyland Pixar Fest exclusive food/beverage novelty item. Check out this large twisty straw with included clip-on dangler of Mr. Pixar icon himself, Luxo Jr. (and his equally famous ball)! This is a similar straw to the one I posted a couple weeks back featuring "The Claw" (see post HERE if you missed it).

pixar fest disney luxo jr straw

The straw itself is pretty durable and measures 13.5" long, while the clip-on figurine of Luxo Jr. and his ball measures about 2.5" tall (both are a very lightweight plastic). Retail price is $6.50 and can be purchased at Schmoozies at Disney's California Adventure as well as Flo’s V8 CafĂ©, Lucky Fortune Cookery and Gourmet Coffee (Note: If you know of anywhere else this is available, let me know in the comments as that would really help my other readers out).

As shown in my comparison pic below, this straw is a bit bigger than the claw/alien one. By the way, which one do you like better? 

pixar fest disney luxo jr straw

And just a reminder, Pixar Fest is continuing on there at Disneyland/California Adventure until September 3rd. If you'll be attending the celebration anytime soon, you'll certainly want to pick this one up. It's a fun, simple and affordable souvenir. Plus, for me personally, anything with the Pixar ball and/or the Luxo Jr. lamp is a must have. If you feel that grabbing it online is really your only option at this point though, visit THIS DIRECT LINK to current eBay listings. (prices aren't actually that bad at all).

Another big thanks to my friend Paulina for sending this over to me! She's been a huge help.  

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