Sunday, July 1, 2018

Bao: Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Stickers

pixar bao stickers

If you've seen Incredibles 2, chances are you were also able to catch Pixar's latest theatrical short film Bao! Directed by Domee Shi, Bao tells the heartfelt story of a dumpling who comes to life and a Chinese/American mother who gets a second chance at parenthood. The film is super cute, albeit dark at times, but real and universal all the same. In just seven minutes, you'll discover a story that's rich, layered and funny with a touch of that classic Pixar bittersweetness. It certainly has people talking (and crying) and will continue to do so for years to come. I won't deny, it's certainly different, but that is not a bad thing here. I quite liked it and look forward to seeing it again soon.

I really enjoy when creators at Pixar dive into other cultures as they do it so tastefully and with so much respect. I always learn a thing a two as well and I always leave inspired to go research more about the actual culture and traditions. What did you think of Bao? Do you have any interpretations of it that you'd like to share? Let's start a conservation down below!

Anyway, what I'm really here for is to share with you these two Bao inspired stickers—available right now exclusively at the Pixar Studio Store! The design of the Bao character in the film is so incredibly adorable and these stickers capitalize on that. I wonder who did the art here? I'm assuming it was one of the designers from the film's production team? It could also possibly be concept art. If you know more, please let me know and I'll update the post. I like to give credit where credit is due.

A BIG thanks to my friends over at for sending these over! It was such a fun surprise to get them a few months back (I wanted to wait until the short was released to post them on here). They know as much as anyone that it's always a rare treat to get any merch from any of the Pixar short films, so these were a must have. And speaking of that, look for two more Bao inspired products coming later this year—a plush from Just Play Toys and a vinyl figure from Funko. Can't wait for those. Stay tuned!

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