Monday, July 14, 2014

Cars: Game Rug

A few years ago, some fantastic friends of mine from Las Vegas, the Townley family, got me this fun Cars Piston Cup "game rug" for my birthday. They knew I was a huge Pixar fan and took the liberty to surprise me with this thoughtful gift. 

Although it's called a "game" rug, this doesn't really have an actual game on it, like some do (as seen here). I would call it a play rug.This rug includes a plastic Lightning Mcqueen toy, which is probably around 1:55 scale, but of course this is not from Mattel.

 The image on this rug is based on the Piston Cup track, but upon further research, it appears there are other similar play rugs out there (from the same company) based on Radiator Springs and the World Grand Prix. Check out this Google image search if you're interested in seeing the other Cars rugs out there.

This seemed to have retailed for about $18.96, is made from nylon and is 31.5 inches x 44 inches in size. Also, the packaging is reusable and has a convenient zipper for easy pack-up and storage.

If your child enjoys playing with Mattel 1:55 Pixar diecast cars or the Disney Store 1:43 scale diecast cars, this may be a fun addition to their collection for enhanced play. It is compatible with any Cars toys, no matter the brand.

To look for this or a similar Cars play rug, visit eBay using the link below:

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