Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pixar Collection: Pixar Studios Exclusive Duffle/Gym Bag

 It's funny, me normally seeing an average black and grey duffle bag would pay it no mind or I'd just say "meh, it's ok. Nothing special..."

But, slap the Pixar logo on it and sell it exclusively at the studio and BOOM! You got yourself one dang cool, awesome product.

This duffle bag (or gym bag, however you'd say it) is only available at the Pixar Studio Store in Emeryville, CA which is not open to the public. The only way to get in is by invite only. Ultimately, it comes down to connections and who you know.

There are many Pixar fans out there that have been extremely lucky and have gotten to go in and tour the studio. If you're one of them, congrats! I'm extremely jealous of you.

I haven't been that lucky to visit the studio, just in my dreams! However, my friend Brian Hughes, who has visited Pixar, was gracious enough to send me this bag over to me recently as an amazing surprise. I can't thank him enough! It was very generous of him and I'm very grateful to now have this rare item as part of my collection.

This is a good quality gym bag made of well made and sturdy materials. You'd expect nothing less coming from Pixar! They radiate quality in everything they put out.

This bag has two main zipper compartments. The larger, main one (seen opened below) and the smaller one on the front of the bag.

On the front bottom center, directly connected to the smaller compartment, is a strip of mesh/net material. There is also a small zipper pouch on the right side of the bag made out of this mesh material as well.

On the left side of the bag is this rubber hole (seen below) that leads into another small pouch. I'm not quite sure exactly what this is for, but I'm assuming it's a water bottle holder.

This is an exciting product to have and I love that it's practical as well. This is actually something I'll be using if I wanna show off my Pixar fandom while traveling or heading to the gym.

I'm not sure if this pops up on eBay ever (since there are none on there now) but you never know! If you're interested in getting this, definitely keep your eyes peeled and check eBay regularly. It very well could show up.

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  1. Yup, the rubber slot in the side is for a water bottle. I don't have mine next to me now so I can't fully recall, but I think it would also fit a can of racquet or tennis balls...but mine is buried right now so I can't verify (or is it too small for that). It is a cool bag and you're right I haven't seen too many pop up on fact when I was at the Studio store, they didn't have any of far as I knew, it was an older item, but maybe not if Brian got it.

  2. Ha! I totally figured you had this as well since you have the whole Pixar Studio store at your house lol. So yah, I looked up other gym bags online and some seemed to have a similar holder so I think it's for a bottle. It's just a little weird that they would put that there on the side so the water bottle is sideways sticking out. It isn't for a racquet since the pocket stops about 5 inches in. And yah it's a little older, Brian got it back in 2009 or 2010 I think.

    Thanks for the insights!

  3. Racquet/tennis balls - not the whole racquet...ha! :) Gegua?

  4. I believe the tag said it was for a water bottle, because I tried it out once after reading it. I'm sure you could use it for whatever fits though! I picked mine up in December of 2011, so maybe they're not available anymore.

  5. 2011...that's right! Cool thanks for all the clarification Brita and thanks again for this SWEET bag! :)