Sunday, July 20, 2014

Toy Story 2: "There's a Snake in my Boot" Gift Pack

Following the recent release of Mattel's similar Toy Story of Terror Gift Pack, here we have the Toy Story 2 "There's a Snake in my Boot" Gift Pack! This pack includes figures of Woody and Bullseye in addition to the accessory that prompted this purchase...the Woody's Roundup snake firing boot as seen in the film. 

In Toy Story 2, as you all know, Woody discovers he's a rare and famous collectible based on an old TV show called Woody's Roundup. During his time captured in Al's apartment, he's introduced to a whole array of additional merchandise featuring him and the rest of his "roundup gang." One of the products seen during this scene is a Woody's boot toy that fires a plastic green snake, of course based on Woody's classic line "There's a snake in my boot." Screen shots from this moment can be seen below on the back of the package.

These figures are about five-six inches tall and have some great detail to them. They're very well made, including great paint jobs and some pretty good articulation. This line of figures from Mattel has been around for some time now with many characters released in single packs, gift packs and, over the years, have had a few packaging style changes. I was never too interested in collecting them only because I have so many other similar Toy Story figures, but between this one featuring such a cool movie accurate, never before released accessory and the Toy Story of Terror one featuring an exclusive Combat Carl figure, I couldn't resist. This set sells for around $17.00.

Of course, the boot accessory is not the size seen in the movie, since this one is scaled to a six inch Woody figure rather than the full sized one...but it's still a very cool piece to have nonetheless! Just like in the film, the snake launches out of the boot by pressing down on the boot's spur.

I've been really impressed with the 3D cardboard background images included in these more recent gift packs. This one includes an image of the Woody's Roundup display of collectibles as seen in Al's apartment.

 As mentioned, the articulation on these figures is "pretty good", not great. Woody's arms move up and down, but both arms are stuck in the position for holding the boot. Additionally, his legs move back and forth and sided to side, but he does not have knee articulation (which is probably a good thing, or else it might be hard to have him stand on his own). His hat is removable.

As far as Bullseye, you can turn his head and his tale side to side with additional articulation in his legs and his knees. Also, yes, Woody can ride Bullseye (even though someone on Amazon who reviewed this set said that he can't).

 By the way, the rattlesnake in this set is pretty angry looking, ha! Just thought I throw that out there.

For your viewing pleasure, I've included a brief video of the boot launching in action below. Check it out!

I've seen this set at Walmart and Toys R Us so check yours to see if this is in stock. If you'd rather just snag it online, you can pick it up on Amazon or eBay using the link below:
Toy Story 2: There's a Snake in my Boot Gift Pack

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