Friday, July 11, 2014

Cars: Windshield Sun Shade Cover

Turn your red car into a real life Lightning Mcqueen (or your own made-up character from the world of Cars) with this awesome Disney Parks exclusive sun shade cover!

Of course, it has its practical reasons and isn't just to make your car the coolest car in the parking lot (but you know that's why I got it, ha!). It also, apparently, keeps your car a bit cool cooler during the hot summer days while sitting out in the sun.

This is available at the Disney Parks and was briefly available on the Disney Store's website for a brief time last week for $24.99. That's where I got mine, but it has since been removed from the site or sold out.

It was hilarious to get this in the mail yesterday because, for some odd reason, the Disney Store packaged it up in one GIANT box (it's hard to tell from the picture). I literally could fit inside it, and I did. Anyway, I just thought that was pretty funny, since it's such a small item.

The size of this, once folded out, is just about the size of a standard car windshield. It's 740 mm long and 170 mm wide. As you can see in the image below from the back of the package, the instructions are very simple. All you have to do is place the shade face up against the window on inside of car and and lower the visors to keep it in place. Easy as that!

In the US, this red colored one is the only one available at the Disney Parks. However, it seems this sun shade is very prevalent in China and eBay has a few other color options available including: White, black, green and blue in addition to this red one.

If you're ok with ordering one of these from China, you can do so using the link below:

And here he is... I introduce you to a brand new character to be featured in Cars 3, Echo! ; )

A big thanks to my good friends the Aincoughs for getting me an awesome $25 Disney Store gift card for my birthday. It worked out perfectly to get this. I had seen this and wanted this for quite a while and I'm thrilled to now finally have it as part of my collection.

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