Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cars: Courthouse Playset

Post six out of six of the Cars Radiator Springs Play sets! Like yesterday's post (Mater's Junkyard-be sure to read about it!), this play set is not part of the Mattel line and is a Disney Parks exclusive. This one also comes with a mini remote controlled car (this time Lightning Mcqueen, which I haven't taken out since it was only the Courthouse I was interested in) and a foam play mat.

It's only a tad too small compared to the 1:55 scale Mattel diecasts, but again, it's just about spot on and works great with the other play sets. It's the most move accurate sized Courthouse out there (in fact, it may be the only one out there) so far-and works almost perfect with the 2006 Stanley statue (from the movie moments 2-pack with Red)! 

This play set also has a ramp that loops around the building-meant for the mini RC car (seen on the back of the package below).

 And as mentioned in the previous posts, here are more pictures of the whole town together combined with the other Disney Parks/Mattel play sets!

 ...And at night time! Be sure to check out the video to see all the light up features! 

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