Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cars: Tar Lightning Mcqueen

The Lightning Mcqueen diecasts continue! Today we have "Tar Lightning Mcqueen"...a version that proves that Disney·Pixar Cars collectors will buy any Mcqueen with even the smallest addition/ change. As usual, this is a 1:55 scale vehicle from Mattel and was originally available in 2008 as part of the "World of Cars" series. It was also released in the "Race O Rama" collection. 

As shown in the screen shot above, this Mcqueen is based on the scene in the film when he is paving the town's new road with Bessie- and then gets a splatter of tar on him!

There it is...the tar splat. That's it, but it makes for a good diorama builder if you're trying to re-create this specific scene! I'll take any Mcqueen they dish out.

If you're still looking to add this one to your collection, visit this direct link to eBay HERE or visit Amazon using the link below. Happy hunting!

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