Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cars: Tractor Tippin' Launcher (Story Sets)

cars story sets

Ever since I was a kid, I loved playsets and accessories to go along with my different collections of action figures and other toys. I always had so much fun being able to re-create my favorite scenes from my favorite movies and that love for diorama building continues with me today.

The new Disney/Pixar Cars 1:55 scale "Story Sets" collection from Mattel is a great collection of playsets (comprised of ramps and launchers) based on key locations and moments from the naturally I was instantly drawn to them!

cars story sets

This Story Set, Tractor Tippin', is a cool and well designed little launcher based on the memorable scene from the movie when Mater teaches Mcqueen about tractor tippin' in Frank's field.

It took about five minutes to assemble this set and includes sticker decals that you need to apply yourself.

cars story sets

Pull back launcher to lock in place, place car on the base and press the button to send the car speeding away from angry Frank! You can also lift or close the gate.

The tractor can slide from side to side and be tipped over as well. 

This launcher also connects to other ramps and launchers in this series, including the Cozy Cone Spiral Rampway (which I reviewed HERE) and the Highway Hideout Launcher (reviewed HERE).

cars story sets

 At $7.99, I feel like this set is extremely well priced. For its size, I was expecting it to be more around the $15 range, so I was pleasantly surprised!

This will go great with my other Cars Radiator Springs playsets, so I'll be excited to set them all up together soon. If you're a Pixar Cars fan and/or collector, then I definitely recommend this set and the others in this series. It's loads of fun for sure. Find it at any store (Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, etc.) or online at Amazon or eBay!

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