Friday, April 10, 2015

The Incredibles: Thinkway Toys Syndrome Figure

Thinkway toys the incredibles syndrome figure

Last fall, Thinkway Toys released an exciting line of Disney·Pixar products- sold exclusively at Toys R Us stores. One of the items released was this very, very cool Syndrome collectible figure!

This is a detailed, poseable, [approximately] six inch plastic "Deluxe Action Figure" (except, no action features), complete with multiple points of articulation, a display stand/base and some snap-on accessories.

While this is a well made product, I can see it possibly breaking if given to kids too young. With the $19.99 price tag (a bit too expensive if you ask me, luckily I got this one on sale), I'd say this is best suited for older kids and/or adult collectors. Since there are no action features, young kids might not find this a very entertaining toy.

Thinkway toys the incredibles syndrome figure

The display stand is such an awesome touch to this figure. It's perfect for those who love to display their collectibles (like me), not to mention Syndrome looks wickedly cool "hovering" in the air with his flaming "Aero Boots" and his villainous action poses. The inclusion of the "laser" that can be attached to his utility gauntlet adds another level of awesomeness to this figure as well. He looks straight out of the film! 

Thinkway toys the incredibles syndrome figure

Interchangeable boots and hands, as well as an additional laser, are also included.

Look for other characters in this collection, such as Wall·E, Eve, Bruce, Nemo and Mr. Incredible. Additional reviews of these will be right here soon! You can find this line of figures at Toys R Us stores right now, but unfortunately this one is sold out on the Toys R Us website.

This figure is probably one of the coolest items I have from The Incredibles. It's so unique- there's not another Syndrome figure out there like it. I most definitely recommend this for any fan of the film!

Also, a big thanks and shout out to my thoughtful wife Brita who hooked me up with this one as an Easter present! I had been looking forward to getting this one for a while and it doesn't disappoint.

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