Monday, April 6, 2015

Toy Story That Time Forgot: Angel Kitty Plush

"The joy that you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you."
-Angel Kitty

On December 2nd, 2014, Disney·Pixar released their second fantastic Toy Story holiday television special on ABC; Toy Story: That Time Forgot. This half hour "Christmas" short (about 22 minutes without commercials) followed the successful "Halloween" Toy Story of Terror, which premiered in the Fall of 2013. 

Before this film even premiered on TV, fans and collectors of the Toy Story franchise clamored for a chance to purchase their very own Angel Kitty plush; a now fan favorite character from That Time Forgot. Well, great news—she has now been released in stores as a Toys R Us exclusive from "Just Play Toys"! This plush was first available at the Pixar Studio store, which is of course not open to the public; I'm so happy and excited that we now have a wide release.

Toy Story Angel Kitty Plush

There's no doubt that Angel Kitty is one of the cutest characters in all the Toy Story films and Toons. Her adorable look, her soft voice and her simple words of wisdom scattered throughout the short make Angel Kitty an instantly classic and memorable character. Fans agree that we just wish we saw and heard more of her in the film!

I know Angel Kitty was my wife's absolute favorite part of That Time Forgot. Every time she was on screen, she would let out a big "awwwww." She now jokingly tries to claim this plush for herself because of the cuteness.

Toy Story Angel Kitty Plush

Moving on to the plush itself...

It's just about perfect. It's very well made with some good weight to it (its body is bean bag like, which helps it to be able to sit straight up), some nice stitching and a very decent likeness to the actual character.

The materials used for the dress, wings and ribbon bow are made from a variety of quality materials, while the halo and horn are a sturdy foam with a metallic gold covering (not metal/plastic as seen in the film, but that's forgivable as I'm sure the makers of this plush wanted to keep this toy as soft as possible). The only hard plastic used here are the eyes.

The plush stands at about 6" tall (about 8" if you count the halo) and retails for $9.99. 

Toy Story Angel Kitty Plush
Toy Story Angel Kitty Plush Toy

This plush has been starting to show up at Toys R Us stores nation wide over the last month, so you should be able to find it with ease. If you'd like to call your local store for availability, its UPC number is 886144211607. If you'd rather just pick it up online, visit, eBay using this direct link, or Amazon using the link below. You won't be disappointed!

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