Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Toy Story: Buzz & Zurg Funko BLOX

Funko Blox Zurg & Buzz

For years now, I've been a fan of the vinyl collectible craze that has been going over the last decade or so. Mighty Muggs, Vinylmations, Funko POP!, name it! I tend to gravitate to the cool, stylized character look that vinyl products typically bring to the table; not to mention they're great for adult collectors to display.

Funko brand is usually best known for there "POP!" line of vinyl figures and bobble heads, but in 2011 they released an additional (and lesser known) vinyl series called "BLOX". BLOX stand around 7" tall (they're a bit bigger than the POP! vinyls), feature distinctive cut-out styling, with sculpted details and are relatively flat.

Now jump to late summer 2012 when Funko introduced two great new characters to their BLOX line...Buzz Lightyear and Zurg! Somehow these slipped under the radar for me, but as soon as I saw them recently, I knew they needed to be a part of my collection.

Funko Blox Zurg and Buzz

When I opened these guys up, I was first really surprised how tall they were. I was expecting a Funko POP! size character, but these stand much higher. I absolutely love their unique boxy look; it's different than any other collectible I own. Everything from the colors to the facial expressions is just fantastic to me.

Funko Blox Buzz Lightyear
Funko Blox Buzz
Funko Blox Zurg

Currently, these are the only Pixar characters in the BLOX collection. While the back of the box does show a Sulley release (which I'd love to own), he's nowhere to be found for purchase online. Additionally, there are two Sulley 2012 SDCC Funko BLOX out there as well, but they're strangely colored orange and green (apparently representing the art of Monsters Inc.).

If you'd like to add these fun vinyl figures to your Disney·Pixar collection, be sure to head to eBay HERE or Amazon using the links below. They originally retailed for about $20, but they sell now for $13-$14 or less which is very reasonable.

A big thanks to my parents for hooking me up with these in my Easter package!

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