Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finding Nemo: Hatch 'n Heroes

From Bandai, here we have their brand new collection of Disney•Pixar transformable toys called Hatch 'n Heroes! These were revealed in February at the 2015 Toy Fair and were just released in stores not too long ago in time for Easter. 

These are fun and unique little toys. They start off in the shape of an egg, but as you fold out the various tucked away parts (very similar to Transformers), they become little figures of iconic Pixar characters you know and love!

Nemo before...

...and after! He even comes with a little sea anemone display stand as well.

Dory before...

...and after!

I really like these. They really are quite creative. I had fun transforming them and seeing how many parts they were able to pack into such a little oval shape.

In addition to these two, Toy Story Buzz and Woody ones were released as well (I'll be showing those here tomorrow). Later this year, additional characters will be available such as Rex, Pizza Planet Alien, Bullseye, Lightning Mcqueen, The King, Mater and Francesco Bernoulli. You can view those on Bandai's press release site HERE. Really looking forward to them! If you're looking to buy these, check your local Toys R Us (that's where I found mine) or online at their website, eBay or Amazon.

These really did make a perfect Easter basket gift. I'm glad my wife was all for them when we saw them at the store and that we both couldn't resist! More to come soon, so stay tuned!

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