Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cars: Star Wars Weekends 2015 Pixar Cars (Part 3- Death Star Battle)

Following part 1 and part 2 of my 2015 Star Wars Weekends Pixar cars collection, here we have the last two sets in this series- Deluxe size Lightning Mcqueen as Jedi Luke Skywalker (Death Star Battle) and Mater as Darth Vader (Death Star Battle)! These may battle yesterday's post as the coolest Pixar Cars/Star Wars mashup yet. So brilliantly designed!

It's great to see Lightning Mcqueen and Mater "reprising" their "roles" from the 2013 wave 1 as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader; as well as Guido as R2-D2! I love the idea of Mcqueen with the attached X-Wing wings and Mater with the Tie Fighter wings, ready for battle. This concept was very well executed.

Take a closer look at the packages and the cars themselves in more detail below:

Lightning Mcqueen as Jedi Luke Skywalker (Death Star Battle)
star wars weekends cars 2015
star wars weekends cars 2015 luke
 Mater as Darth Vader (Death Star Battle)
star wars weekends cars 2015 mater
star wars weekdends 2015 cars mater
star wars weekends 2015 cars

These are all 1:55 scale diecast cars, but are not actually made by Mattel. They do fit perfectly with Mattel ones though, you wouldn't even know the difference. Also, since this is Disney Theme Park merchandise, they are quite a bit more pricey than standard Mattel cars (as expected). These both retail for $14.95 each and can be found at Walt Disney World now.

You can also pick this up on eBay right HERE or by calling the Disney World Merchandise Guest Services/Mail Order Hotline at 877-560-6477. If you call that number, they will charge you the "in parks price" and you will only have to pay shipping. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Well, this has been a very fun series to collect and this final wave has been has been a fantastic "grand finale" to the collection. Who knows? Maybe they'll revisit this line one day with even more characters, but as of now, they're saying this is the last of them.

Thanks for visiting today's post! Be sure to come back daily for even more items from my personal Pixar collection. 

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