Friday, June 19, 2015

Inside Out: Anger Men's Tee

Happy Inside Out day! Even though my wife Brita and I saw the film three weeks ago (read my review HERE), we could not wait to see it again with our friends and family. Seeing their reactions  has been half the fun! Already, I know I'm going to loose count of how many times I see it. I'm so thrilled that it's now out for everyone to see!

In honor of the film's release, I of course had to post something Inside Out related; and since I'm wearing this shirt today, I figured why not post about it! Here we have this fun new Anger men's tee that was released at the Disney Store last month. This graphic t-shirt features the hilarious Anger blowing his top and some "angry" words and phrases such as:
  • Stop pushing my buttons 
  • I'm on fire 
  • You asked for it! 
  • Go to your angry place 
  • Burn 
  • Control...anger 
  • Keeping things fair 
As with most Disney Store shirts, it's very soft and quality made, but it's a little less fitted than I like (it's just a tad "boxy" for my taste, but it's also less boxy than many shirts out there). I still love it nonetheless and enjoy wearing it.

If you're interested in picking this shirt up for yourself, be sure to visit your local Disney Store or their website HERE. It retails for $19.95.

If you're seeing the film this weekend, enjoy! I would love to hear your thoughts on it, so shoot me a comment or email if you'd like to share.

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