Monday, June 29, 2015

Inside Out: Funko Fabrikations (Sadness & Anger)

inside out fabrikations

In 2014, Funko brand (usually best known for there "POP!" line of vinyl figures and bobble heads) created a new line of stylized pop culture characters- this time in the form of collectible "soft sculptures" called Fabrikations. Like the "POP!" figures, Fabrikations cover a wide range of brands  such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC and, of course, Disney/Pixar.

The first Pixar related Fabrikations are these ones right here...from Inside Out, we have Sadness (#19) and Anger (#20)! Each stands at about six inches tall and retails for $19.95. These are the only Inside Out characters released currently with no news of any others coming.

As with most of the Funko products, kids can enjoy these- but I think they're mostly marketed to adult collectors. Here's some more detail on the make of "sculptures" (notice they don't call them toys or dolls) as found on the back of the package:
These 6" fabric creations are quality crafted with the collector in mind. They are generously filled with dense foam to achieve a high end, super lush feel. With free standing feet and a rotating head, they are unlike any other collectible plush on the market.

  • High Quality Fabrics
  • Head Articulation 
  • Embroidered Detailing 
  • Vinyl Accessories
  • Flat Bottom Feet for Easy Display 
That pretty much sums things up! Now lets take a closer look at these guys...


I really love the look of the packaging for these. I find it very cool that they've included concept sketches of the character on both the inside and side of the box. It really does make the product feel even more like a collector's item.

inside out fabrikations sadness
inside out fabrikations sadness
inside out fabrikations sadness

inside out fabrikations angerinside out fabrikations anger
inside out fabrikations anger
inside out fabrikations anger

Very cool "fire" hair! It gives this plush a very unique look.

inside out fabrikations anger

These are some fantastic products. They're very well made, very soft and have awesome designs- plus I love the weight they have to them. For all you Inside Out fans/collectors- these are a must have! Find them in store at Barnes & Noble (or on their site HERE), on eBay using this direct link or Amazon using the links below (among others).

A big thanks to my sister who snagged me these for my birthday last month! They're both great new additions to my collection.

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