Sunday, October 18, 2015

Inside Out: TOMY "The Console" Playset

inside out the console playset

Here is yet another long over due post- something I've had for months, but just getting to now- this awesome Inside Out "The Console" playset from TOMY Toys! This is part of TOMY's Inside Out action figure line which also includes: Headquarters Playset, single pack light-up figures of Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger (each sold separately) and the Musical Bing Bong. See them all below on the back of this package.

inside out the console playset

The exclusive 4" Joy figure that comes with this console is a little different than the single pack release (different facial expression, arm position and leg articulation); but what's really neat about this console is that it's required if you want to see your Inside Out figures magically light up!

inside out the console playset
inside out the console playset joy

How it works-
Place Joy (or any of the emotion figures) near the front of the console. Press the button on the top of the console and watch as their faces (and the console) suddenly begin to glow! For the best effect (since the glow is subtle), use this feature in low light conditions. This Joy (compared to the five other figures) definitely glows the brightest.

Additionally, the center of the console has a place to hold a memory sphere (which are included with the Headquarters playset and with each individual emotion figure). 

Check out the brief video of it in action below!

Combine this console with the Headquarters playset (shown here soon), add the other figures to the scene and BAM! You're ready to re-create your favorite movie moments as well as create your own adventures inside Riley's mind. Highly recommended for any fan of the film- young or old! Great for play or display.

This was released in June, but stores (like Toys R Us) may still have some still laying around. If not though, you're best bet is Amazon using the link below; it's even currently on sale for $13.79 (retail is $19.99). Have fun!

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