Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cars: Mack Truck Playset

This Mack Truck Playset is part of Mattel's new 1:55 scale "Story Sets" series, which is a line of plastic connectible playsets and launchers to re-create key scenes from the film. It's really a fun lineup! Mack, both a character and a playset, has been released many times over the years, but this particular sculpt is new and slightly different from the others (see my Cars 2 Mack playset post HERE). It retails for $19.99.

You can check out the different features (as well as some of the other playsets it can connect to) on the back of the package.

Now lets take it out of the box and check this thing out loose! You'll notice its deco is from the original Cars and not from Cars 2.

*Lightning Mcqueen not included*

Opens up easily and folds out to be a pretty decent size playset!

Mcqueen can relax and watch TV!

Roll down ramp!

Get a car wash! Scrub, scrub, scrub...

And don't forget a tuneup before the next big race! *Pull up to raise platform*

Additionally, the road part of the playset has a track switcher so you can control the direction the cars go. Macks head can also detach from the playset.

This is a nice little set...great for Cars fans who are eager to own this classic character, while also getting a fun playset at the same time! You can still easily find this in stores (be sure to check your local Walmart, Target or Toys R Us for availability); but if you'd rather just snag it online, definitely  visit Amazon using the direct link below.

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