Monday, October 19, 2015

Inside Out: TOMY Toys Figure Collection

inside out action figures

Following yesterday's Inside Out "The Console" playset post, here we have the corresponding action figure collection featuring your favorite emotions: Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear and Sadness! These are all part of TOMY'S Inside Out "core figure" line which also includes: Headquarters Playset, the mentioned Console playset and the Musical Bing Bong.

Each poseable figure stands at about 4" tall, comes with a collectible "memory sphere" (to be used with the Headquarters playset; more on that soon) and lights up (when used with the console; more on that HERE). Retail for each figure is $10.99.

Check out each one in more detail below!

tomy joy figure

Joy's memory sphere is Riley burying her dad in the sand at the times! That was happy day. 

back of package

tomy disgust action figure

 Disgust's memory is Riley trying broccoli for the first time...yuck!

inside out anger figure

Anger's memory sphere is Riley getting mad at the dinner table. And yes, the flames on Anger's head are removable!

fear action figure

Fear's memory sphere is Riley's dark and uncomfortable first night in her new house. "What was that? Was it a bear??"

inside out fear figure

inside out sadness figure

Sadness's memory sphere is Riley spilling her ice cream cone on the floor...that's sad.

memory sphere sadness
tomy sadness figure

I'm sorry for the lack of loose pics (I'm actually saving these to open), but I can tell you that there is one slight issue that you might find when opening these up. The most common complaint I hear with these is that both Joy and Disgust can't stand up on their own. That's no problem though! It's nothing an action figure/small doll stand wouldn't fix. Think positive! :) 

I think this is a great set of figures. I know some people don't particularly like the designs and/or the translucent plastic that they're made from, but I'm enjoying these quite a bit. I especially think the light-up feature is clever, as well that the memory sphere accessories! I'm a sucker for figures though... With every Pixar film release, the action figures are some of the first items I look forward to purchasing. Speaking of that, check back right here soon for even more fantastic TOMY action figures (hint: dinosaurs).   

You can still find some of these on store shelves (Toys R Us is probably your best option there) or you can make it easier on yourself by just snagging them online. Check out the direct links to Amazon below! And be sure to let me know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions. Thanks for dropping by! 

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