Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Good Dinosaur: TOMY Action Figures (Part Three- Extra Large)

Note: Most of this info was stated in part 1 and part 2 so if you read those, feel free to skip ahead to the good stuff here! 

TOMY Toys has had double Pixar duty this year; first with Inside Out back in the late Spring and now with The Good Dinosaur! That's right, after much anticipation, the Good Dino toys have officially hit shelves.

As I've mentioned before, with every Pixar film release, the action figures are always among the very first toys that I anticipate the most. With this line, I was even more excited than usual. Why? Because not only were new Pixar figures coming, but dinosaur figures! I've been looking forward to Pixar style dinosaur figures ever since a Pixar dinosaur film was announced years ago. As a kid, I loved dinosaurs (typical right?), but I never really had a definitive line of dino toys. As an adult, I've kept my eye out for any good ones for my future kids. Over the past couple years, I have seen a lot of cute, generic dinosaur toys, but decided to hold off buying any of those in anticipation that The Good Dinosaur toys would rock...and they do! They're exactly what I pictured.

Here's how this action figure collection is organized: as of right now, there are seven "small" figures ($9.99), nine "large" figures ($12.99) and four "extra large" figures ($19.99)- all of which are part of the same line and to scale with each other. Today's I'll be showing off the figures classified as "extra large", which are:
  • Butch
  • Ramsey
  • Poppa (Toys R Us Exclusive)
  • Nash
Additionally, you'll notice that each "small" and "large" figure in the line comes with a collectible critter. This is one of the coolest and most clever things about this collection. I'll explain- In the film, Forrest Woodbush (a wise and mysterious styracosaurus; more on him in part 2) dwells in the woods with many forest critters atop is horns (apparently he believes they protect him). SO, back to the toy line, you can collect all 16 of Forrest's critters and attach them to the horns of the figure. How fun right?

Ok, now that all the heavy details are out of the way, lets get to checkin' out these toys in more detail!

butch dinosaur figure
butch dinosaur figure
the good dinosaur butch figure

good dinosaur ramsey figure
good dinosaur figure ramsey
good dinosaur figure ramsey

the good dinosaur tomy poppa figure
the good dinosaur tomy poppa figure
the good dinosaur tomy poppa figure
the good dinosaur tomy poppa figure

UPDATE 3/31/16- 
The TOMY extra-large Nash figure has finally been released! Well, kind of. Though it's not in any stores currently (as I believe the wide distribution of him has been cancelled due to the poor sales of the line), this figure actually showed up on the whole sale website Zulily a couple of weeks ago on sale for just $8! I couldn't believe it when I saw it and thought it was too good to be true. However, all those worries were swept away when I got him in the mail recently. He looks great!

Unfortunately it sold out very quick (I'm so glad I stumbled upon that site when I did), but I have seen it come back briefly keep an eye out on that site! He very well could return. And who knows? Maybe he will end up getting a wider release. Time will tell, but for now it's kind of a mystery why he showed up on that random site and nowhere else.

Check him out in more detail!

tomy extra large nash figure t-rex tomy extra large nash figure t-rex
tomy extra large nash figure t-rex

Here is Nash with his T-Rex family; all together like it should be!

tomy extra large nash figure t-rex

And here they are with the larger size "Galloping Butch" figure (seen HERE).

tomy extra large nash figure t-rex

Each figure here has some nice, basic articulation (I like the opening mouths) and is about 10" in size (once you attach the end tail piece). Though I haven't fully taken them out from the package, I can tell that these figures are sturdy and quality made.

If you're looking to add these awesome figures to your collection, be sure to visit your local Target or Toys R Us stores. That's where I've seen them so far. If you'd rather just pick them up online, visit the direct links to Amazon below (or HERE for Poppa). I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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