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Events: Disney Cruise 2015 (Day 3)

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Onto day three (Monday, November 30th) of our Disney Cruise vacation! It was nice to sleep in and relax in our room for a while before we headed up to breakfast at the Cabanas buffet. We absolutely loved the selections there every day; though the menu is always changing, there are some staples that are always there (our number one favorite has to be the Eggs Benedict and hollandaise sauce- so good!).

After breakfast and going to the gym, it was pool time. Luckily after a couple of semi-cloudy days, we got some good sun. It was fun to just be able to lay out and tan...while watching Monsters Inc. on the big screen by the pool! We then hit up the AquaDuck water coaster, which is built around the perimeter of the top deck (you can see glimpses of it in the pics below). Super fun!


Near the pool is a Finding Nemo themed splash area for toddlers/young kids and adults who think they're kids (like me ;). But really...It's so fantastic! I couldn't help but take some pics in there while wearing my Nemo Shark Bait shirt.

Back to Cabanas for lunch! I love the fact that it's pretty much all Finding Nemo themed in there. As seen in the pics below, there's even a stunning, giant mosaic mural of the reef! That thing still blows my mind.

Can you spot your favorite characters?

Since our ship was docked at Cozumel, Mexico, we decided to get off and walk around for a bit! And that extremely blue, crystal clear water below? Yah, that's no pool- that's looking into the ocean.

Dinner that night was at my personal favorite place to eat on the ship...the Animator's Palate! This is the most colorful, clever and entertaining of the three restaurants. Plus the fact that it's almost entirely Pixar themed (from the decor to the background music) completely won me over.

Take a look at the menu for the evening...see anything good?
Cute Monsters Inc. themed kids menus
My herb crusted pork chop...YUM!

Below, take a look at the many Pixar trinkets, pieces of concept art, maquettes and other decor that was there. People were probably like, "who is this guy going around taking pictures of every nook and cranny of this place?!"

Look closely at each picture and you'll notice a lot of cool details. Anything stand out to you? I'm sure there wasn't a person in there that appreciated the die hard Pixar references more than I did. I was definitely geeking out.

DUDE! Crush from Finding Nemo even made an appearance there during dessert to chat and teach everyone how to surf (similar to Turtle Talk with Crush at the parks).

Illustrated characters from Nemo then appeared on the screens throughout the restaurant...

What an entertaining dinner! But the fun didn't stop there...the night was still young. From there we went to the Rick Purpura family comedy show (super funny!), the big show of the night (Disney's Wishes), played some board games, went to the "Buckets and Boards" adult comedy show (you have to look these guys up- they're hilarious) and hung out by the pool until late.

Me and my nephew Taylor

With that, another perfect day on board the Disney Fantasy ended! Everything was great; except that time was going by too fast...

Enjoying our trip so far? Be sure to stop by here tomorrow for my day four write-up. Thanks for stopping by!

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