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Events: Disney Cruise 2015 (Part 4)

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Wow- already to day four! Though we were docked at Grand Cayman on this day, Brita and I decided to just have some fun around the ship (since we didn't have any excursions planned anyway).

After breakfast, we helped my sister out by watching our nephew Noah for a while. He's 2 1/2, so he didn't make the cut for the kid's club (which is 3+)...but luckily they had another open house that day where anyone could go in! Since most people were off the ship, it was awesome to have to place almost completely to ourselves. Of course we went right to the Toy Story Andy's play room!

Though I posted a little about this earlier, I'm going to go into even more details here with this post...

There are some really cool things about this play room. First of all, there are the working baby monitors modeled directly after the ones from the film. You can can talk into the transmitter unit and have someone near the receiver unit hear you're voice! Like the real like monitors though, communication is only one way.

Hamm's pretty cool too. Kids can slide giant "coins" in his slot!

Couldn't resist trying out Andy's bed. Pretty comfy! ;)

When you tap the screen on the wall below, the characters come to life! Something different happens each time you touch it. Noah LOVED this- especially when Buzz would fly off using his jetpack. 

Kids can even crawl through Slinky's tunnel!

RC has all sorts of cool noises. Noah loved sitting in him, pressing all the buttons, hearing all the sounds and pretending he was really driving him!

This giant Mr. Potato Head used to have all its pieces for kids to put on, but apparently (according the guy I talked to) they've all been lost (except for the two eyebrows).

Kids do have access to a ton of normal size Mr. Potato Head pieces though! There are lots of soft cubes to toss around and play with as well.

Since we were the only ones in the room, I asked one of the castmembers if he could put on Toy Story on the TV- and he did! How cool right? Watching Toy Story in the Toy Story doesn't get much better. I think I was enjoying it as much as Noah was!

There's also a TV screen in the Monsters Inc. room connected to the same system, so Noah would bounce back and forth watching it in both rooms. Classic.

The Finding Nemo computer lab has a pretty nifty periscope for kids to look through! There's a little screen that live streams from a camera on the outside of the ship.

After a couple hours there in the kids club, we went to lunch, hung out at the Nemo splash area, went swimming, got some Monsters Inc. "eye scream" cones and watched some of A Bug's Life by the pool!

eye scream cones

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The evening was an absolute blast. The Good Dinosaur in 3D was the big show of the night at the Walt Disney Theater- so I saw it twice! Once at 5:45 and once at 8:30 (since I wanted to experience it with all my family they couldn't all see it at the same time). Though tears were shed, it was so much fun!

My nieces Kami and Melia
Me, Noah and my sister Katie

As you can probably tell from the bandannas above (which are provided there on the boat), this was also "Pirate Night." Lots of people were dressed up in full Pirate garb- it was pretty cool to see! Some people (and full families) went all out with their costumes. ARRGGGGHH!

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Below is a glimpse of the action packed poolside "Mickey's Pirates in the Caribbean" show (featuring Jack Sparrow and other classic Disney friends and villains). The show concluded with the magical and exciting "Buccaneer Blast" fireworks!

My brother in law James, my nephew Taylor, myself and my wife Brita

After the show, fireworks and deck party, Cabanas opened for a special late night Pirates themed buffet with stunning food sculptures and other Pirate decor! I wasn't hungry at all until I scoped all the deliciousness there (taco bar, crepes, fresh fruits, finger foods, baked potato bar and more). YUM!

And with that, the night ended with a BANG. Such a fun day overall- yet again! As you can tell so far, with a Disney Cruise, you can't really go wrong.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for my day five write up of our magical week on board the Fantasy.

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