Monday, January 18, 2016

Toy Story: Hatch 'n Heroes (Part 2- Bullseye & Rex)

bullseye hatch n herorex hatch n hero

Check out part 1 HERE!

Last February, during the 2015 Toy Fair, Bandai revealed "Hatch 'n Heroes"- a new collection of small, plastic, egg shaped toys based on some of your favorite Disney & Pixar characters! Appropriately, they arrived in stores right around Easter.

The first batch of [Pixar] characters released in the initial wave included Buzz and Woody from Toy Story and Nemo and Dory from Finding Nemo. Cars characters were then made available late last year (see HERE and HERE). Now, a new wave of Hatch n' Heroes based on Toy Story (celebrating its 20th anniversary) has just hit shelves- Bullseye, Rex, Buzz Lightyear (newly designed) and a Pizza Planet Alien!

Today I'll just be taking a look at Bullseye and Rex, but stay tuned for the other two right here soon.

These are fun and unique little toys. They start off in the shape of an egg, but as you fold out the various tucked away parts (very similar to Transformers), you begin to see the character take shape! A cute, simple concept.

Lets take these out of the package for a closer look at what I mean...



Hatch n' Heroes Pros: Admittedly, yes, these are a bit random- but I like 'em. The designs are cute and quite creative! I had fun transforming them and seeing how the many parts were able to be packed into such a little oval shape. It's actually pretty impressive.

My [almost] three year old nephew LOVES these. We call them "eggies" ("eggie Buzz", "eggie Woody", etc.). He literally played with all of them for over an hour last night (transforming them back and forth between the egg and the character) and asks to play with them every time he comes over; so they do seem to be very entertaining. 

Hatch n' Heroes Cons: Many of the parts can pop off very easily, which especially might frustrate parents and the young kids they're made for. However, once you've done some experimenting and get the hang of how to transform them, parts pop off less frequently.

The characters can also be a little hard to transform for kids in their designated age range. Though the packaging recommends these for ages 3+, I would say they're better suited for 4 or 5+ (but of course it totally depends on the kid).                                                                                                                             

I found these at Toys R Us (just today actually), so I would check there if you're looking to track them down! They were around six or seven bucks. If you'd rather just pick them up online, eBay or Amazon might be your best bets.

Have fun!

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