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Events: Disney Cruise 2015 (Day 2)

If you missed part one, be sure to check it out HERE.

Day two was another beautiful day at sea! I started the morning using my awesome Pixar notebook and alien Tsum Tsum pen to jot down some notes about our time so far. I always like to keep a journal of our vacations to remember all the details!

I was so excited to then introduce my nephew Noah (if you remember, the world's biggest Toy Story fan) to Woody for the first time. He was so star struck! I wish I was able to get more (and better) pictures, but you know how fast those lines go.

Here are my nieces Addie, Evie and Felicity, as well as my nephew Nathan, posing with the famed cowboy as well. It was a rootin' tootin' good time!

We then went to the Animator's Palate restaurant for a fun and delicious Disney Junior character breakfast! There the kids got to meet more stars from their favorite stars such as Sophia the First, Jake [and the Never Land Pirates], Doc Mcstuffins and, of course Mickey Mouse!

Mickey waffles- a classic, must have treat during every Disney vacation. Yum!

Note: For more info on the shirt I'm wearing, check out my post HERE.

This day was also my nephew Nathan's seventh birthday! There he is having an absolute blast. What a cute little guy.

And of course we also had to snap a shot with the mouse himself.

We then headed back over to the character meet and greet to introduce Noah to Jessie! He has been talking about that ever since. He calls her "Giant Jessie" (and again, I wish I had some more pics).

The Christmas decor around the boat was pretty stunning. You'll be seeing a lot more like this!

On a cruise, it always feels like you're eating (no complaints here though). After watching Ant-Man in the ships movie theater, we were off to lunch at Cabanas for their amazing buffet! We were also able to catch some of Wall·E (which was playing on the big screen out by the pool) and took a walk around the jogging track.

We had a really fun time going to the "Anyone Can Cook" live cooking show- inspired by the classic Disney·Pixar Ratatouille quote! This was right up our alley. Brita got to enjoy some lobster ravioli (I'm not one for seafood, I was just entertained by the show) and we got to see how it's done by the professionals. The chef hosting the show was actually French - and he was hilarious! Sometimes unintentionally so, but funny nonetheless.

Recipe cards to take home and a pencil for notes

Speaking of Ratatouille, I also discovered this gorgeous piece of concept art while exploring around the ship! For a Pixar fan, it's little details like these which make me never want to take a normal cruise again.

My family then gathered for Nathan's birthday party in a private room. That was super cool to have it all to ourselves up there with an amazing view!

All 13 of my nieces and nephews

Day two was also "formal night." We think it's really fun having a reason to dress up a bit! We had a classy French dinner at the Royal Court (a good restaurant to be at during formal night) and went around taking lots of pictures- us and everyone else! That's the thing to do on formal night.

Our room
Our favorite cruise beverage- Shirley Temples at every meal!
Nathan and his The Incredibles themed kid's menu
Prince Nathan and his birthday cake!
My favorite gift shop- this one has all the good stuff
Lots of Pixar and Star Wars stuff at Mickey's Mainsail!

And the big show of the evening was...Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular! That was an absolute blast. We saw it last time, but it was fun seeing it again (plus Genie always has new corny pop culture jokes ;). The production value and quality of the play is really good for being on a cruise ship! Of course, this is Disney we're talking about, so I expect nothing less.

I also have to note that I was very impressed with the official Disney Cruise app during the trip. It has everything- the complete activity schedule, movie times, character meet times and an in app text messenger! Since there isn't any internet on the ship (unless you pay for it) or phone service, the messenger part of the app made it so much easier to get a hold of people. Also, you could select your favorite upcoming activities and it would remind you of them.

My absolute favorite thing about the app though was having access to all the Disney character emojis within the messenger! As seen in my screenshots below, there were lots of characters to choose from organized by franchise: Classic Disney (I unfortunately failed to capture screen shots of those, but there was several pages of them), Marvel, Star Wars and, of course my favorite, Pixar! They came in handy with almost every do I miss them and wish they were part of my everyday iPhone emojis!

You can see my conversation with Brita below and how I was able to utilize a happy Mickey face and some Aladdin characters.

disney cruise app
disney cruise app
disney cruise app

There we have it! Day two was a fun filled, jam-packed day. I hope you enjoyed reading about our times; look forward to day three right here tomorrow!

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