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Events: Disney Cruise 2015 (Part 5)

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Welcome to day four- A beautiful day at sea! After another pretty typical morning for us (sleeping in, breakfast, the gym, etc...) we caught some rays out by the pool. It was a perfect day to just lay out and get some color...and watching Cars out there on the big screen made it all the better!

Note: In the pic above, you can get a better sense of where everything is there on the pool deck- such as the Nemo splash area, the Mickey slide and the AquaDuck.

I had been craving a cheeseburger, so we hit up Flo's V8 Cafe (inspired by Cars, more on that below) which is also near the pool on deck 11. They have all sorts of good stuff for lunch there...salads, wraps, burgers, other sandwiches, pizza and much more!

This is random, but while we were eating, Brita actually caught a subtle Finding Nemo reference near the edge of the ship that I hadn't noticed before. Remember what Gill says in the film? "All drains lead to the ocean!"

After lunch, Brita went to to an origami class, as well as another "Anyone can Cook", while I went to see Return of the Jedi on the giant screen in the Walt Disney theater! I haven't seen that on the big screen since [probably] the Special Edition came out in the 90s. It was the perfect lead up to the release of The Force Awakens!

I haven't mentioned this yet, but the ship also has a really nice "Disney Fine Art" gallery. I visited there just about every day, since they were always adding and changing things up in there daily. I was happy on this day when some great Pixar pieces finally showed up!

Of course it's ridiculously expensive (for example the Nemo piece below was in the $850 range), but I enjoyed looking at it all nonetheless.

At 5:45, we headed to our dinner at the Enchanted Garden restaurant! Really pretty atmosphere there.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I really enjoyed the Mickey's Mainsail gift shop (it's the shop with all the fun stuff ;). We looked around there again after dinner, so I snapped some shots around the place to give you a peek inside!

My nephew Kent

Checking out "Santa's Winter Wonderland Ball" (in the main lobby) was next on our list. We caught just a few minutes of it (since it was very crowded), but it fun and festive! All the classic Disney characters were there in their Christmas garb (Mickey, Minnie and the gang) as they talked about the holidays and and the many different traditions that we all celebrate. The show concluded with a a beautiful snowfall right there in the atrium and a visit by Santa and Mrs. Clause!

Since most people were preoccupied by Santa, we were able to snag a picture with Stitch (with basically no wait)! That doesn't usually happen, so we took the opportunity. 

As mentioned earlier, Flo's V8 Cafe is up on deck 11 around the corner from the pool. Since it's Cars themed, not only did I have to document it, but I had to do so while wearing my Lightning Mcqueen "Dashing Through the Snow" shirt!

"Dan the JUMPING Pixar fan" strikes again!

 More festivities around the Christmas carolers and a giant gingerbread house!

The "big" show of the evening at the Walt Disney Theater was "The Ricky Kalmon Hypnosis Show." Unfortunately, this was the only show of the week that we were disappointed in. Not only was it so unbelievably unbelievable, but he wasn't even funny. We're hoping this one will be short lived there on the Disney Cruise. Sorry, rant over!

After the show, we thought it'd be fun to take the kids up to the AquaDuck for some late night fun. Because of lightning in the distance however, the coaster was closed. Instead we got some ice cream and caught the end of Finding Nemo and some of Up on the screen by the pool! 

As a random little bonus, here are some of the fun/weird conversations that my nephew Taylor and I were having using Disney Cruise Line Navigator App emojis. 

Recently, the artist behind the emojis, Becca Campbell Smith, reached out to me via Instagram letting me know that she was thrilled to see how much I enjoyed them during our vacation. Be sure to visit Becca's site HERE to see ALL of the Disney emojis that she created for the app as well as learn more about her and her fantastic art! (Instagram - storyillustrations)

Just two more days to document! Thanks for sticking with me for this long- I really hope you've enjoyed reliving the cruise on here with me! Be sure to come back here tomorrow for my full day six write-up.

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