Monday, June 13, 2016

Up: Dug Funko POP!

disney pixar up dug funko pop


Just officially released a few days ago, here we have the brand new Disney·Pixar Up Dug "POP!" vinyl figure from Funko. Dug here is the third Up themed Funko release, following Russell and Carl from clear back in 2013. This was a long time coming! He looks perfect with the others.

And I'm super thrilled that there a Dug variant coming soon as well as a SDCC 2016 exclusive (as seen on the back of the package below)...Dug with his cone of shame! That is just too much; can't wait for that one. UPDATE: Added Dug with cone of shame to my collection (see full post HERE).

disney pixar up dug funko pop

This figure looks fantastic. I know I never have anything but good things to say about the Funko POP figures, but this one is honestly one of the best in my collection. His design is so cute and spot on!  They nailed it. Even non-Funko collectors might have a hard time resisting this one.

disney pixar up dug funko pop
disney pixar up dug funko pop

Dug is a pretty standard 3.5" in height, has a nicely detailed sculpt/paint job and retails for about $9-$14 (depending on where you get him). And for those keeping track, he's #208 in the Funko POP Disney series.

If you're a fan of Up, I most definitely recommend this for your collection.

disney pixar up funko pop
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