Thursday, June 4, 2020

Toy Story 4 "Minis" Buzz Lightyear's Star Adventurer Playset

Toy Story 4 "Minis" Buzz Lightyear's Star Adventurer Playset review

Following yesterday's post, my coverage of the Toy Story 4 "Minis" collection from Mattel continues tonight with this brief look at the Buzz Lightyear's Star Adventurer Playset! I'm all about elevating mini figures with playsets to take the fun to the next level, so I was all about this one from the beginning. Plus it comes with an exclusive "Star Adventurer Buzz Lightyear" figure—admittedly not much different form the other Buzz minis, but an exclusive nonetheless. This set was released last April and originally retailed for $19.99.

I haven't taken mine out of the package (saving it for my son who will open it in a year or two when he's old enough), but I did have a chance to play with it out of the box last spring when my nephew got it for his birthday.

Toy Story 4 "Minis" Buzz Lightyear's Star Adventurer Playset review

The design is pretty neat. I like how it looks like Buzz's Star Command spaceship on the outside and that it's inspired by the iconic "Grand Basin Days" carnival on the inside. Play features include a spinning Ferris Wheel, a cotton candy cart with spinning cotton candy and a spinning "Star Adventurer" carnival game blaser. So yah, really just a bunch of spinning. Dizzy yet?

There is room for about 15 or more mini figures inside. Note that there are some some decals (stickers) that need to be applied as well.

Toy Story 4 "Minis" Buzz Lightyear's Star Adventurer Playset review

My thoughts: If you go into buying this with the intent of using it as a display for your mini figures and/or a storage case, I think it looks great and is very effective. However, as a "playset", there aren't too many exciting play features and it's also not very sturdy (doors continue to close if not balancing in the right position and the whole thing is so lightweight that the playset would have a tendency to fall over during play if not really careful). Most of the mini figures also fall out of the Ferris Wheel when you try to rotate it as well. So yah, it might be a little frustrating for kids to play with to be honest, but I think it makes a fantastic display for your minis if that's what you're after! It's also essential that you collect more mini figures to use with this as it would get boring real fast using only the included Buzz. The more minis the better!

What are your thoughts? Did you pick this up for your collection? If so, what has been your experience, especially with your little ones? I think it's good, but not great. It's totally worth getting if you're a "Minis" fan/collector like I am (again, this makes for a cool way to display your figures), but I just think everything could have just been made a bit sturdier. Let me know what your think and any questions you might have down below!

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