Sunday, June 7, 2020

Toy Story 4 "Minis" Vehicle Assortment

Toy Story 4 "Minis" Vehicle Assortment

This week I've had tons of fun finally reviewing Mattel's Toy Story 4 "Minis" collection...and it's not over yet! If you missed my previous posts, check out my write-ups on the "Ultimate New Friends 10-Pack", Buzz Lightyear's Star Adventurer Playset and the Terrorantulus Playset. Tonight I'm taking a quick look at this super fun assortment of vehicle packs!

In this assortment, there are six sets featuring vehicles and characters inspired by Toy Story 4 in Mattel's signature mini style: Woody & RV set, the RV & Friends Road Trip set (with exclusive "Runaway Forky"), Bo Peep & Skunkmobile set, Duke Caboom & Stunt Bike set, Bunny & Carnival Rocket set and Buzz Lightyear & Spaceship set. Other than the Runaway Forky in the RV& Friends  set, none of the other mini figures are exclusive (they're all straight repacks of previously released minis, unfortunately). I also have to note that I didn't purchase the Buzz & Spaceship set (since it's almost exactly the same as the one released back in 2017; Buzz's mouth is just painted in black now) or the Woody & RV set (since I opted in for the Road Trip pack with exclusive Forky; the RV vehicles are the same and Woody is basically just THIS version I already have but with the black painted mouth now).

Each vehicle has rolling wheels and can fit one mini inside to ride! The RV & Friends Road trip pack originally retailed for $12.99 and all the other basic vehicle 2-packs were $6.99. Check em' all out down below.

RV & Friends Road Trip
Toy Story 4 "Minis" Vehicle Assortment RV

Bo Peep & Skunkmobile
Toy Story 4 "Minis" Vehicle Assortment skunk

Duke Caboom & Stunt Bike
 Toy Story 4 "Minis" Vehicle Assortment

Bunny & Carnival Rocket
Toy Story 4 "Minis" Vehicle carnival rocket
Toy Story 4 "Minis" Vehicle carnival rocket

The only vehicle that isn't ever seen in the movie is the "Carnival Rocket" (and Bunny certainly never rode in anything like this)—but I thought it was a fun pack regardless and figured it would go perfect with the other carnival playsets I have. That one was the only one I couldn't find in stores. I actually had to resort to eBay as it isn't even on Amazon! Bunny & Carnival Rocket was definitely the hardest one to find.

Did you pick up these for your Toy Story "Minis" collection?? Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments! If you're a collector of the Toy Story "Minis" line, I'd consider these must-haves.

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