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Toy Story 2: Action Figure Collection

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Here we have my collection of Mattel Toy Story 2 action figures from 1999! These are my childhood toys from when I was 9 years old and they're still in prime condition and complete with all accessories. This is a really fantastic set of figures and I have a lot of great memories playing with them. They just don't make action figures like this anymore it seems! I love all the unique accessories and that most of the figures have some kind of sound and/or action feature (and believe it or not, all the sounds still work all these years later and I've never even replaced the batteries). Anyway, let's take a look at each one a little closer (from left to right)!

Ion Blaster Zurg: This Zurg includes a launching ion blaster and a tinted window on the back of his head to let sunlight in— of course to give him the appearance of glowing eyes.

Zip-line Rescue Buzz Lightyear: This Buzz includes the Zip-Line monkey (seen in Al's Toy Barn in the film), a bunch of string to make a zip-line across your room or whatever (the monkey and Buzz do actually ride the string just like in the movie), and light-up wing tips.

Wreck-a-Saurus Rex: This Rex has roaring sounds and a whiplash tail to knock down the stack of alphabet blocks he comes with. 

Thunder Punch Buzz Lightyear: I believe this is supposed to be utility belt Buzz (even though the belt is green here). Press the button on his back for punching action and punching sound effects.
Shifty Shootin' Prospector: This Stinky Pete comes with a firing mining pick canon complete with a blasting sound effect. His hat is also removable. I was amazed when I looked up this figure on eBay recently to find out how RARE her is. I saw no listing of him in the package and all of the loose/complete listings were over $100! I guess Stinky Pete is very sought after since there has not been very many toys made from his character. I wonder why there has never been a full sized one to go along with the rest of the roundup gang!?

Ropin' Rescue Woody:  Woody here has lassoing action and includes two critters (the bear and bobcat). You pull the lasso out from Woody's wrist, put the lasso around a critter and press the button on his back to reel it in! Press the button on the bear's tail for bear growling sounds. Woody has a removable hat as well.

Buckin' Bronco Bulleye: Press the button for Bullseye to kick his back legs, push tail to launch the saddle pack and includes horse sounds. Woody and Jessie can ride him!

Round-Up Jessie: Jessie has "lasso twirling action", a removable hat and includes three critters from Woody's Round Up—the skunk, deer and rabbit.

UPDATE 11/24/2020—Took an updated photo of these guys for Toy Story 2's 21st anniversary today and figured I'd include it here in my original post as well! 

Here is an example at what the packaging looked like for this collection of figures (image from eBay):

Yes, there are a couple other ["expanded universe"] figures from this line but I only got the ones that were more cannon with the movie as always (if you know me) me this collection is complete! Anyone else have or remember this collection?

Oh one last note...Admittedly I do have one item from a very similar line from Mattel (called "Rocket Force") that is not seen anywhere in the films and is completely made up. I don't know where I got it (I think it was a gift from a friend back in the day) but here is my Buzz Lightyear and "Rocket Hopper":

Basically you push down or step on the green (I don't even know what to call it haha) thing and the air goes through the tube to make the machine "hop" over "craters". 
UPDATE 9/15/21- Here's my detailed video review after all these years! 

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