Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Disney+ Monsters at Work Toys & Books Revealed—SNEAK PEEK!


Now available from Mattel, check out the brand new line of Disney's Monsters at Work toys as part of Mattel's ongoing Disney/Pixar 7" action figure collection! The series premieres exclusively on Disney+ next Wednesday (a week from tomorrow, July 7th) and it looks like we're gonna have some amazing merch to go with it.

Pictured above, so far as part of this line we have 7" core figures of the show's star Tylor Tuskmon, Mike Wazowski with Gary Gibbs (Mike's workplace rival and his doppelgänger), Sulley, Val Little, Katherine "Cutter" Sterns and—last but not least—a deluxe Tylor Tuskmon "The Jokester" electronic talking figure (who tells 20+ jokes) with 8 comedy prop accessories (seen below in the package)!

You may have noticed a couple of the M.I.F.T. team members are missing in the lineup above and on Mattel's site. Have no fear! They're coming. As seen below, Duncan Anderson (with his little pet Roto) can be spotted in these photo that I found on Amazon and Fritz will be coming soon as well as a Target exclusive. 

Also coming from Mattel is this really cute "Monsters Mealtime" lunchbox role-play toy! How fun?

Lastly there are five books for kids inspired by Monsters at Work up for pre-order right now on Amazon (two of them don't have cover art yet). They look super cute! They'll be releasing in September—I'll include links below if you'd like to reserve them for your collection.

Well that covers it for now everyone! Unfortunately, for all you Mattel Minis fans out there, I was told that Minis have not been developed for Monsters at Work. I'm not sure if there will be plush, but as of right now, it seems the main toys coming out (at least from Mattel) are the 7" figures and the lunchbox. It's a small line, so that may be it for the time being. Maybe if the show and the toys do well, there will be more later on. 

Let me know all your thoughts down below! Are you as excited for the series and toys as I am?


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