Saturday, June 12, 2021

Frozone & Mike Wazowski "Interactables" 7" Scale Talking Action Figures (from Mattel)

Hey Pixar fans and welcome back to the blog! Today I'm taking a look at couple of the Mattel Pixar "Interactables" figures that I picked up from Amazon recently—Frozone from The Incredibles and Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc./Monsters at Work! For those who may not have heard of these before, the Pixar Interactables line is an offshoot of Mattel's basic/core Pixar 7" action figure collection. They're the same size, make and style as the basic figures, but these ones talk and, as the name suggests, even interact with each other! 

Last year there were six Interactables figures released: Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Syndrome, Mr. Incredible and Frozone. While I honestly wasn't too interested in the line (mainly just because they were all figures of characters I already collected as part of the core line and they weren't too different other than the talking feature), one did catch my attention and has tempted me for quite some time: Frozone. Mattel still hasn't released Frozone as a basic/non-talking figure (and I'm not sure if they ever will), so I finally decided to just get him in this sub-line to at least have the character to go with Syndrome, Mr. Incredible and the rest of the Parr family! 

What really pushed me to get these though is when I saw the brand new Mike Wazoski Interactables figure on Amazon recently. I just love that he's now wearing his Monsters Inc. hard hat AND that the figure includes some sweet accessories: an MI clip board and a scream can (well technically it's a "laugh can" from Monsters at Work, but wither way I'm a sucker for any scream can merch so this really did it for me).

As you can see on the back of the package, a Sulley Interactables figure is coming soon as well! The Amazon listing says he'll be available on June 26th.

As far as the talking feature, I counted 12 sayings for Frozone and 18 sayings for Mike Wazowski (though there could be more). Press their buttons to hear their phrases and hold down their buttons for two seconds to hear additional phrases. Stand/hold them near other Interactables figures and press their buttons and that will activate the interactive feature (the conversation goes back and forth typically three times). The conversations aren't super coherent (seems like it's more like they say a random selection of phrases to each other), but it's fun either way. I will also also note that the voices are not done by the original actors (which does take some getting use to), but they are loud and clear.

These are fantastic looking figures overall and I'm so happy I went ahead and purchased them! The sculpts are really solid and they stand really well on their own. There's some really nice articulation as well. As far as size, Frozone is just about 8" tall and is 4.5" tall. Take a closer look at them out of the packages below...


Each Interactables figure retails for $14.99. They're mainly available on Amazon (some Nordstrom Racks have them too), so I'll link those below for your convenience. For all you Pixar collectors out there, I highly suggest picking them up (and any the other characters that were released), especially if you already collect Mattel's 7" line of action figures! These go hand in hand perfectly and fit right in. 

See them in action in my YouTube video and please feel free to like and subscribe to my channel for more content like this! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.


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