Monday, June 14, 2021

Toy Story 4 Sheriff Jessie—Mattel's Pixar 7" Scale Action Figure Collection

What's going on Pixar fans!? Today I'm excited to share one of the newest additions to my Mattel Pixar 7" scale action figure collection—Sheriff Jessie, directly inspired by the end of Toy Story 4 when Woody hands off his iconic sheriff's badge to Jessie! I never would have thought of making this version of Jessie as an action figure, so kudos to Mattel for surprising me. This was certainly a unique idea and I appreciate that it's now part of the ever expanding 7" figure line.

The only downside to this figure is, other than the addition of the sheriff's badge, the rest of the figure is the exact same sculpt as the original 2019 7" scale Jessie figure that has been released numerous times. I wish Mattel had at least changed up the head sculpt with a new facial expression or something, but it's not a deal breaker. It would have just been a nice touch that would have made this release that much more exciting. 

This figure was supposed to be released last year in 2020 (see the original packaging HERE), but it was delayed and ended up releasing this year instead just a few weeks back (with a redesigned package). This figure is being found at Target stores across the US, but I haven't found it in my area yet. So I ended up finding it on Amazon in the Amazon exclusive closed box style packaging seen here in this post. I do like the in-store open blister packaging better, but this will do! Ultimately it's having the figure that counts for me.

Jessie stands at about 8 3/4" tall, is solid all around (stands up well on her own which is good for play and for us collectors) and has lots of good articulation for posing. Retail price is $9.99 at Target and $12.99 on Amazon. 

You can purchase Sheriff Jessie using the Amazon link below and be sure to check out my YouTube video review as well! Don't forget to like the video, subscribe to my channel and let me know what YOU think down in the comments. This is a must have for any Mattel Pixar 7" figure collector!

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