Saturday, June 12, 2021

Monsters Inc. "Getting to Know Boo" Figure Pack— Mattel's 7" Action Figure Collection

As a follow-up to Mattel's Monsters Inc. "Scare Pack" set released last year, here we have the brand new "Getting to Know Boo" pack—once again as part of Mattel's signature scale 7" action figure collection! So far this set has only been released in the UK ("only at Smyth's Toys"), so a HUGE thank you to my Instagram friend and fellow collector Hayley ("hayleytoystory") for helping me get this. She lives in the UK and was nice enough to order this set for me and send it all the way to my home here in Connecticut. 

So I'm not sure if this will stay a UK/Smyth's exclusive or if it will eventually be available here in the states as well. We'll have to wait and see! For now though, I didn't want to pass up the chance to get it just in case it sold out and never came back. This was a must have for me ever since I saw it revealed earlier this year. I just love how surprising it was and how truly unique it is.

This set includes three characters and loads of awesome accessories! With this figure pack, you can recreate the classic scene from the film when a terrified Mike and Sulley bring little Boo back to their appartment only to find out she's not so dangerous after all. Shout-out to the packaging team at Mattel for the genius box design—inside and out!

Here we have Sulley (brand new scared face version; comes with removable garbage can lid shield and colander helmet), Mike Wazowski (also with a brand new scared face; comes with removable spray can, two oven mitts, two snorkel fins and snorkel mask), Boo (pink nighty version; Boo in her monster costume was released in last year's set) and Mike's stuffed monster Little Mikey. I absolutely love how scene specific the figures and all the accessories are! Brilliant idea, perfect execution. 

Sulley is about 8" tall, Mike stands at 4" tall, Boo is 2 3/4" tall and Little Mikey is 2" in size. All are solid, have some great articulation and stand well on their own. Excellent for play or display. Retail price for this gift pack is £19.99 (or about $28 here in the US). Check them out in more detail out of the packaging below! 


 Mike Wazowski

Little Mikey

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If you're in the UK and would like to purchase this set, you can snag it it on Smyth's website HERE. If you're in the US, let's keep crossing our fingers it gets released here as well. This is a must have and I can't recommend it enough! 

Let me know all your thoughts and any questions you might have down in the comments and stay tuned right here on the blog for more from my Pixar collection weekly.

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