Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Toy Story 4 Gabby Gabby Full-Scale Doll (by Baby Brink)—REVIEW!

Straight out of Toy Story 4, here we have this fantastic [officially licensed] full-scale replica doll of Gabby Gabby! This was an interesting release as it was made by Brazilian toy company Baby Brink—a company I had never heard of before—and was only ever released in Brazil. Pretty random actually, but hey, it's cool that Gabby Gabby was at least made regardless. Since this was never released in the US (not sure why), I had to resort to eBay for it and paid around $60. I purchased this a long while back, so I'm excited to finally get this review up for you all. 

I'm happy to say that the final version of the doll is much more screen accurate compared to the prototype image shown on the back of the box. I'm so glad Baby Brink recognized the issues and went ahead and improved the design. She ended up looking great and has a very impressive likeness to the character! She stands at about 16.5" tall (with 5 points of articulation: head, arms and legs), has her signature yellow polka dot dress that's very accurate to the film and feels quality made overall. Of course the Gabby Gabby in the film is an actual antique doll, so this isn't 100% accurate (no weighted glass/acrylic eyes and no pull string/phrases), but it comes very close and is a must have addition to any Toy Story collector's full-scale collection. Since I'm not confident Thinkway Toys will ever release a "Signature Collection" version, this is probably the best we'll ever get (at least for the foreseeable future). I'd go ahead and secure this while you can.

Right out of the box, the very first thing you'll notice (I think) is the strong smell of baby powder. I'm not sure why, ha! Was it intentional because it's kind of in character for Gabby Gabby or is the smell just a result of however the doll was produced and packaged at the factory? Not sure! I definitely had to make a note of it though. 

My Gabby Gabby's hair came a little crazy and lopsided, but fixing the pigtails is something that can certainly be done so I'm not too worried about it. Other than that, it's all pretty spot on. They even got the lace detail that hangs below the dress accurate!

Ultimately I'm very satisfied with this release and I have no regrets getting it. Obviously I do wish she spoke phrases and had a pull string (or at least a pull string just for show even if it wasn't functional) and some weighted acrylic eyes would have really put this doll over the top. Those are really my only two main criticisms though—other than that, she's super well-made and will look awesome on display.  

What are your thoughts? Have you ordered this Gabby Gabby doll from Brazil? What do you think of her? I'd love to read any comments and/or questions you might have down below. If you're interested in ordering her from eBay, check out current listings RIGHT HERE.

Catch you in the next post!

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