Friday, June 4, 2021

Up Deluxe Figurine Playset (Disney Store/ShopDisney)—2021 Edition

From the Disney Store/, tonight I'm taking a detailed look at the brand new Disney·Pixar Up Deluxe Figurine Playset! There haven't been any Up figures like this released since 2009, so this was a real treat and completely unexpected. I was thrilled when I saw it revealed a month or so ago! And since Up just celebrated its 12 year anniversary on May 29th, I figured now would be the perfect time to get this review up here on the blog. 

One of my most prized items in my collection is my original 2009 Disney Store Up Figure Playset (full review HERE; I have the UK version, which includes Charles Muntz). It's incredibly hard to find now, but listings do pop up on eBay every now and then (however it typically sells for over $200). How does this new 2021 version hold up to the original? Pretty good actually! This is an excellent set. Though ultimately I do feel the original 2009 version is better and more quality overall (to me, the figures just feel more solid/sturdy and more detailed—they just don't make them like they use to), this one certainly holds its own and is the perfect alternative if you're unable to get the 2009 version. It's honestly very comparable—some of you may even like the looks of this one more.  

This set retails for $26.99 and includes nine characters: Carl Fedricksen, Russell, Dug, Kevin, Young Carl, Young Ellie, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. I should note that there is a more basic version for $14.99, which includes only six characters (Muntz's three dogs are excluded).

Even though I already have the 2009 version, I felt this was a must have too. First, Up figures like this only come out once in a blue moon, so I couldn't miss out! Second, I do think it's fun to have new and updated versions of the characters I already have (I like that Carl is smiling in this set and grumpy in the 2009 set, etc.; all the figures here are a totally new take on the characters, which is cool). Third, this set includes young Carl and Ellie—two awesome characters that were not featured in the original playset. Lastly, my original set is "for display only" and is front and center on my Up shelf in my Pixar home office. This set I feel good about giving to my son Aidan to play with since he loves watching Up! He already loves playing with these and setting them up, since he totally recognizes and knows the characters.

Sometimes the Disney Store's figurine sets (especially the mainstay $14.99 price point ones that are even more mass-produced) aren't the best quality. The first edition Deluxe sets though (like this one) are typically pretty nice though. This one doesn't disappoint! The sculpts/likenesses and paint look fantastic and they feel decently solid (by the way, there's no articulation with these; think of them as little statues). I bet the bases will break easily if kids play too rough with them, but if you're just getting this set for display, then you won't run into any issue there. 

Take a closer look at each figure down below!




Young Carl

Young Ellie



Which figure here is your favorite? Which set do you like better, this 2021 version or the one from 2009? All in all, like I said, I personally like the original a bit better for various reasons (though I may be a bit biased). However, there's pros and cons to both and I think it may come down to personal preference. This new one does has a lot going for it and is totally worth getting—I think Carl especially is a huge standout here and I love that young Carl and Ellie were included. You can purchase this set HERE on ShopDisney or at your nearest Disney Store.

I take an even a closer look at this set and compare it to the 2009 version in my YouTube video below! Be sure to let me know all your thoughts down in the comments and I'll catch you in my next post real soon.

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