Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cars 2: Body Shop Ramone

Today's post is Body Shop Ramone from last year's 2013 Mattel Cars collection (Wheel Well Motel Sub-Line)! This is how Ramone looks when we first meet him in his body shop at the very beginning of Cars 2 when he helps out Otis (screen shot from that moment above).

This is a pretty cool version of the character and he even has a small "paint spray gun" detail on the side which I thought was a nice addition. 

As mentioned yesterday, with the result of my hard drive crashing, I have lost more than half of my Cars collection pictures which I'll have to retake when I'm back with my collection in CT (hopefully this summer). I had mentioned one Ramone that I won't be able to post because of this (Lightning Ramone) but I also saw that there is another missing that I'll have to mention here but post about later...Radiator Springs Ramone from Cars 2 (the one with the really cool orange, yellow and purple tie dye ish colors). There goes my plan of having all my Ramones here back to back! 

You can find this one easily on Amazon or eBay, so if you missed him last year, definitely grab him while he's still very easy and cheap to track down!

Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to look for one more Ramone coming your way tomorrow. Also, for more of the cars from my collection that I've posted so far, check out my Cars & Cars 2 label to the right.

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