Friday, April 18, 2014

Cars: Dash Boardman, Houser Boon and Timothy Twostroke

Here we have three very cool cars: Dash Boardman (the green reporter/photographer), Houser Boon (the brown reporter/photographer) and Timothy Twostroke (the red Lightning Mcqueen mega fan)- all seen in the original Cars film (screen shots of their brief appearances above). These characters were first available in a 2010 Target set called called "Speedway 9-Pack." Another car that was also released in that same pack was Tim Rimmer (who I have, seen here, and who was my first post from my Cars collection last year).

These are 1:55 scale vehicles from Mattel.

Dash Boadman was also released as a single in the "Lenitcular Eyes" series, Houser Boon was only ever released in the Target 9-pack and Timothy Twostroke was just released this year for the first time on a single card.

Search for these characters on eBay or Amazon if you're looking to add them to your Cars collection. Good luck on the hunt!

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