Monday, April 28, 2014

Cars: Gold Mia & Tia

Today's blog post features a couple of Lightning Mcqueen's biggest fans...Mia and Tia with gold paint jobs (as seen in the original Cars)! Mia and Tia are seen throughout the film, but specifically are seen as gold cars during Mcqueen's Dinoco "fantasy" and Mcqueen's Dinoco "nightmare."

These cars are 1:55 scale in size from Mattel and were released in this 3-pack with "Bling Bling" Mcqueen (which I'll be showing later, when I post all of the Lightning Mcqueen diecast cars during an upcoming week).

They were released in the "World of Cars" series in this packaging, but also had a different packaging as well.

On the back on the package (seen below) you can see the rare, lesser known "Dirt Track" Doc Hudson who was only available briefly in the 3-pack shown. This Doc Hudson has red hubcaps from the scene when Lightning first sees him out at Willy's Butte practicing his old dirt racing skills.  

These are a great and welcome addition to my Pixar Cars collection and I wanted to give another big thanks and shout out to my wife Brita for including these in my Easter basket this year.

You can pick these up on eBay using the link below if you're interested in picking these up: 

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