Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cars: Purple Ramone

 As mentioned yesterday (if you're following along) this week's theme is Ramone in all his paint jobs! I started yesterday with Old School Ramone and thought I'd go right to his original Cars classic paint job, purple with flames. This is how Ramone first looks when we meet him in the film (screen shot above). 

This Ramone is loose since he's a pretty old one of mine. This one is from the original "Desert Series" (the first line released back in 2006) but this same exact purple version has been released countless times (World of Cars, Supercharged, Radiator Springs Classic, etc), even up to this year...the 2014 release just came out and can be currently found in stores if you're looking.

Also check out my Ramone's House of Body Art playset (and all the Radiator Springs playsets for that matter, if you're interested)

You can pick this awesome Ramone up on Amazon or eBay using the link below:

Interested in more Ramon cars? More coming your way so be sure to come back daily with week. Stay tuned! 

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