Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wall·E: Disney Store 3D Character Eve Mug

Last year, the Disney Store released a series of six character mugs that turned out to be some of their most popular products of the years. Included in this release were Nemo and Bruce, Wall-E and Eve, Hamm and Mr. Incredible. These mugs were pretty much everywhere for a while but then they started to sell 

The least rare of the bunch are definitely the two Finding Nemo ones and The Incredibles one, which can easily found online (such as eBay) for under $20. Hamm is the next rare, selling for no less than $20 these days. With the Wall-E and Eve mugs, the prices jump quite a bit. They are currently the most rare, expensive and sought after of the bunch. Eve typically sells for no less than $45 and Wall-E sells for no less than $50. There's even a current auction going on where they are selling for over $100 together! It's so crazy to me how fast Disney Store Merchandise sells out and becomes rare. Not even too long ago, the stores were just selling them on sale for around $12.

I was lucky enough to grab this Eve mug from the Disney Store's website right before she sold out a month ago (and boy was I happy to get it, it's so awesome!). I was unfortunately too late for Wall·E though (I procrastinated too long, having no idea how hard to find he would get). 

This mug has a great design and is really well made. If you get any kind of chance to grab it for a decent price, I really recommend it. 

Here's a link to all current eBay auctions:

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UPDATE 6/24/15: I have finally purchased the Wall·E mug! See the post HERE.

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