Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cars: Milton Calypeer

This week's Cars retro Radiator Springs theme continues with today's post... Milton Calypeer! Milton's appearance in the film is a blink and you miss him moment. In fact, you may even have to squint your eyes to even see him. He appears at the very beginning of the "Our Town" segment in the film driving down the road (screen shot above). He's a really cool design, but an interesting choice to make a diecast from since he's hardly visible! 

This particular version has "lenticular eyes" but there was also a "fixed eyes" regular version released in the Race O Rama series.

According to World of Cars Drive-In, Milton actually has a whole background/bio (which is funny for how he's hardly in the film) that says that he: 
"...loved cruising around town, greeting and being greeted as he made his way to nowhere in particular. He worked at the courthouse in Radiator Springs but purposely bought a house at the other end of town just so he could run into more folks as he made his way to and from work"

Haven't gotten Milton yet? Be sure to pick him up on Amazon or on eBay below (since he's obviously not available in stores anymore):
Cars: Milton Calypeer

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll be finishing off this retro theme and starting a new one on Tuesday. Many more cars to come! 

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