Sunday, April 27, 2014

Monsters University: Funko Pop

Another fantastic Easter basket gift (thanks to my Brita)...a couple of the Monsters University POP vinyl figures from Funko!

If you've followed my blog and previous posts, you know that I really love this whole stylized vinyl craze going on (such as Vinylmations, these POP figures from Funko, etc.). These are some of the last ones I've needed for a while to complete my "Funko" Pixar collection. The last one I need now is the MU Randy, which I have a feeling will be coming very soon with my birthday coming up next month.

If you've seen the Monsters Inc. Funkos, you've probably noticed these are very similar to the original Mike and Sulley. Sulley is the same exact sculpt with an added OK (Oozma Kappa) shirt and Mike is the same body and legs sculpt but with an added MU hat, books and a waving arm.

As with all the Funko POP figures, these look great on display for adult collectors but are also solid enough for young kids to play with as well. They're really great for Pixar/Disney fans of all ages!

In addition to these, POP Funko also had an exclusive metallic release at the San Diego Comic-Con last year.

You can pick these up on Amazon, or on eBay using the link below:

Check out more of my Pixar Funko POP collection by using the label to the right. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and be sure to check back daily for more!

UPDATE 6/27/14-

For my birthday last month (in fact a month ago today!), my wife helped me complete my Monsters University POP Funko collection by hooking me up with Randall (Randy) Boggs!

This is yet another fun design from Funko and is a most welcome addition to my collection. The Mike and Sulley were also fun to get, but their main sculpts had been seen before with the original Monsters Inc. Funkos. This one is neat because it's the first Randall Funko has made. I especially like the glasses, the detail of the ROR jacket and the colors in the tail.

Together at last.

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