Monday, April 7, 2014

Cars: Old School Ramone

Today I'm finishing up this past week's retro Radiator Springs theme from Cars with Old School Ramone! This post is also starting a new theme this week which is, you guessed it, the many "paint jobs" of Ramone that Mattel has released over the years. 

This particular Ramone can be seen in the film during the "Our Town" flashback scene, talking to the character Greta as they drive out of Ramone's shop.

In addition to being released in the World of Cars series as seen here, he was also released in the Supercharged line only under the name "Crusin' Ramone."

You can pick up this Ramone one Amazon or, as always, eBay using the link below: 
Cars: Old School Ramone

In addition to the retro cars I've posted this past week and the two that were posted previously (Hank "Halloween" Murphy and Dustin Mellows) There are three more cars out there (that I'm aware of) that are also from the Radiator Springs retro flashback scene: Derek Decals Dobbs, Miles (the FN red truck) and Timothy Timezone Truecoat. Those are the only three from this "theme" that I'm missing but I'll be sure to post them as soon as I'm able to track them down.

Want to see more of my Cars collection that I've posted so far? Visit the Cars & Cars 2 label to the right to check them out and stay tuned for many, many more to come!

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