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A Bug's Life: Active Play CD-ROM

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In November 1998, Disney Interactive released this very fun A Bug's Life Active Play CD-ROM computer game. I was eight years old when this game (and the film for that matter) came out. Though this game is recommended for ages three to seven, I remember still having a blast with it; especially since I was such a fan of the movie. 

Since I don't have the game currently with me (I do still have it though back home, but I'm not sure if it even works with computers these days), I was able to capture screen shots from gameplay videos on YouTube. Thanks to YouTubers GLYGames and TheGaiw for the uploads! Watching them  brought back a ton a great childhood memories.

Want an in depth review of the game? Read on!

The game starts on Ant Island (screen shot below). The story is that the grasshoppers are coming to ruin the ants' "harvest festival." When we meet Flik at the beginning of the game, he is busy trying to make a contraption to ward them off. In order to complete his invention though, he enlists your help. Your job is to find six items across six locations for Flik: a flower, a feather, a mushroom, a playing card, a thimble and a button. Each item is obtained by completing a mini game.

In the first game, you obtain the flower piece upon completion. The goal is to simply make sure that the blue and red berries end up on the correct side of the ant tunnels. 

We then move into the ant hill. In the game seen below, the objective is to arrange the leaf art in order. Simple as that! Once you complete this game multiple times, you're rewarded a feather.

Next it's time to head into the council chambers. In this scene, the queen's pet Aphie digs up the glowing mushroom and hides it in the dirt. Your job is to find it by digging around! 

Time to head off to the bustling city! In this activity, the goal is to help a lost little bug find his dad. When completed, you're given a playing card- essential for Flik's invention.

Ready to go to the circus? Well there's no other place like P.T. Flea's. I bet it would be the perfect location for finding a thimble, if you're willing to help P.T. get his act right!

The last location is the city's "bug bar". Here you help the server get his orders to the correct costumers. If done correctly, you're given a button as a thanks.

You now have all the pieces for the "anti-grasshopper" contraption! The story is complete after handing off the items to Flik and watching him defend the colony against the grasshoppers. Let the harvest festival commence!

In addition to completing the main tasks/story, there are also a couple of fun extra games- just for fun.

First off there's this bug board game. I remember it being super entertaining! Had a lot of fun with this one as a kid.

Then there's this cute Puppet Theater activity where you can decorate and populate your own animated scene and tell a customized story.

Another cool thing about this game is the camera feature. Choose the camera from leaf "backpack" and click on any bug you see during the game. A picture of the real life bug will appear in addition to some fun facts. The image is then saved into your bug portfolio where you can access it anytime. Pretty cool feature- and helps kids learn too!

There we have it... fun and timeless, just like the film itself! Like I mentioned though, I don't know if this game works on modern computer. If it does, then I totally recommend this to any young fan of A Bug's Life. I loved playing this as a kid as I'm sure kids today would as well.

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