Monday, February 23, 2015

Toy Story: See 'N Say

In 1965, Mattel released their See 'N Say (The Farmer Says) "learning toy". Exactly 50 years later, this [now] classic toy still remains as popular, iconic and instantly recognizable as ever. Though there have been countless version released since its original development, the same basic build and function has remained very similar.

In the original Toy Story, the 1989 edition of the See 'N Say toy can be seen several times in the background of Andy's room; so naturally I needed it for my Toy Story collection even though it's not an "official" Disney·Pixar product.

The one here is also in perfect working condition. Find one of these for your Toy Story collection on eBay using this direct link: 1989 See 'N Say by Mattel

Also, a bit a trivia, the original 1965 See 'N Say can be seen in Toy Story 3! It is in the scene in the vending machine when Ken and Lotso's gang are gambling (see it HERE).

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