Friday, February 13, 2015

Cars: Kevin Racingtire (Shifty Drug)

Here we have another great new Mattel 1:55 scale (re)release from the original Cars, Kevin Racingtire (also known by his sponsor, Shifty Drug No. 35)! He is part of the 2015 "Piston Cup" sub-series (#2/18).

In the film, Kevin is one of the 36 Piston Cup racers seen in the opening race. Interestingly, in the film (and on Mattel's package), Kevin appears to be a hot pink color. The diecast, however, is red.

Find Kevin Racingtire in stores now, or check out Amazon or eBay for the best online prices. Good luck on the hunt!

UPDATE- 5/16/15
So... like I mentioned in the post above, when Mattel originally released this character earlier this year, they actually got his color wrong. They released Kevin as being a red color, rather than the film accurate hot pink. Well, they quickly corrected that error and recently released him in his correct color scheme! Now I'm happy to have both.

A big thanks to my good friend (and fellow Cars collector) Adrianne for picking this up for me. He was kind enough to surprise me with it one day after he found out I was looking for it. Much appreciated!

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